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FHF Updates: September 1st, 2021.

FHF Updates: September 1st, 2021.

Good morning/afternoon Farmhouse family, it's Friday-eve!
Wanted to do a quick group update for everyone so please read in full! 🖤
Reminder: This upcoming Monday is a holiday, my kids and husband will be off work and mail does not run so the team will be on "holiday" for Labor day to spend time with our families. If you message we may or not respond until Tuesday.
🎃 Round #6 wetbags & diaper pod preorder is finishing up as we speak, there are only a handful of orders left to pack--we will be done by the end of this weekend and all remaining orders will be shipping by the latest Tuesday as Monday is a holiday. If you have not received tracking yet & have one of those orders you will receive tracking by this weekend! There will be no wetbag extras available as I only ordered what orders were placed, pod extras will be available the end of next week.
🎃 Round #7 diapers have all been packed and shipped out at this time. Everyone should have an update on their tracking and has been arriving to everyone over the past few days, into tomorrow. If you have received a tracking number and by chance it has not updated please message our business page Farmhouse Fluff now. Round #7 preorder turned out to be EXTREMELY small, not many orders + cancellations so it was a super quick turn around time. We have TONS of extras in AWJ & Microsuede + the (4) secret addition prints. We will be having a drop for all of these tomorrow Friday Sept. 3rd @ 5pm pst, 7pm cst, and 8pm est. The drop will also include some restockings of round #6 prints & we will also be dropping a bunch of snack bags! If you want a tag reminder for our drop please let us know!
🎃 Round #6 diapers both parts has completed shipping, if you have not received your order our inbox is always open to check on its in transit status and send any replacements if needed.
🎃 Business page messages & emails are still being worked through at this time, we have a few pending and we will be working through and finishing up those today! (Sorry for that delay)
🎃 By next weekend inventory will begin on round #8, and then we will be moving onto MK November, Round #9 and Round #10 will be shipping to me soon for its ETA of September arrival.
🎃 We would like to also add that we have added a new member to our moderator team Amanda Whittington 🖤 She will be helping us out and the mod team duties are being re-constructed to better fit our customers needs.
🎃 As always, if you have any questions or concerns, feedback (good or bad), tips, etc. Our business inbox is always open Farmhouse Fluff and our Admin/Mod teams inboxes are always open as well for anything and everything! We can't help resolve any issues/complaints if you do not reach out to us personally, so please remember that! Remember to always be kind, and treat others the way you wish to be treated, the team will not tolerate rudeness at anytime and we will always be professional and respectful. Kindness goes a long way and we are doing the best we can with the cards we were dealt! 🖤
Thank you, and we hope everyone has a great weekend ahead!
-Farmhouse Fluff Team-