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Group Update: February 22, 2022

Group Update: February 22, 2022

Quick Group Update ~ February 22nd
❄️ I wanted to apologize for being absent for the last week-ish, I had to take an unexpected personal leave for a bit. I am OK but the situation was extremely personal and hard for me emotionally and physically so I had to take a step back for a bit and am still working through and will for a while so please bare with me. Unfortunately this pushed me back on packing pending orders but I am back officially today and will resume as normal. I am currently sitting at only 150 pending orders left to pack so I am almost there! I appreciate everyone's continued patience and understanding during this time while I jump back into things. 💙
Due to my absence and everyone's patience and kind words during this time I would like to thank my customers and run a sale today for the 02/22/22! 22% OFF all orders placed today, no coupon code needed, ends at midnight! 💙
As always please direct all questions/concerns, etc to our business inbox --> Farmhouse Fluff and we will help assist! 💙
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend ahead!