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Group Update: November 22nd 2021

Group Update: November 22nd 2021

Good Morning/Afternoon & Happy Monday Farmhouse Family. 💚
Quick group update today, Monday November 22, 2021. I am trying my best to get as much done before the holiday/weekend.
If you have any questions, concerns, etc please remember to message our business page --> Farmhouse Fluff and we will be happy to assist anytime. Our office hours are M-F 9am-5pm MST & Saturday 9am-12pm MST. All holidays & Sundays we are closed to spend time with our families.
Please make sure to read all updates in full to stay up to date, please drop a comment or GIF below to state you have read and understood our most recent update-- All members who comment below will be entered to win a Starbucks $5 e-gift card. ☕️☕️
🦃 Please note that Thursday, November 25th is the Thanksgiving holiday. We will be having family here in our home on Thursday, Friday and throughout the weekend. I will not be in office Thursday-Sunday to spend time with our family. We have not been close to home in 5 years (military family) and this is our first holiday we get to host in our new home. 💚 I appreciate everyone's patience and understanding while I have these four days off. I will still check in randomly in case anything arises that needs my immediate attention, the team and I want to wish everyone a wonderful & safe holiday/weekend and hope everyone gets to spend time with their families this year. If we are available we will grab any messages/comments that may come in but please allow until Monday, November 29th for a response. Thank you! 💚
🎄 Since its going to be a short week for the team we will be working extra hard today through Wednesday. We will make sure that anyone who has messaged in and has been placed on our doc for whatever reason: Refunds, unscanned packages, delayed packages, replacements, tracking numbers, etc etc gets handled and the doc is completely clear come Wednesday evening before we leave office. If you have already reached out, you are on our doc and you will be completed by Wednesday. Please make sure if you have any questions before then, to please message in now so you are not waiting until next Monday to receive a response.
🦃 Round #8 update, we will be finalizing this round this week and into early next week after the holiday weekend, please keep an eye out next week for our final post about tracking. If you do not receive a tracking number when that post is up next week please feel free to message in, please refrain from messaging this week as labels are still being printed. As always if you haven't received your tracking yet and no longer want your round #8 please message our business page ---> Farmhouse Fluff and we are happy to submit one for you.
🎄November, Round #9, and round #10 updates: November inventory is complete and round #9 inventory is underway. November + round #9 will be packed Simultaneously as previously mentioned as soon as round 8 is complete and then we will finish off with Round #10. We aim to be caught up with preorders by the end of this year so we can start off fresh next year. We will not have another preorder until maybe the spring/summer of next year. In the meantime I plan to just offer ready to ship/in stock rounds once we are caught up after the new year with secret prints. Please stay tuned for further announcements regarding this after the holidays. Once again I thank everyone for their continued patience and good thoughts/encouragement during this time. If at anytime you would like a refund on any of these pending preorder, please message our business inbox ---> Farmhouse Fluff with your order info and we are happy to submit one.
🦃 Black Friday Sale is still happening NOW through the end of the month, this is the best sale of the year so make sure you dont miss out on stocking up on all the goodies! 30% off site wide/ no coupon code needed.
Thank you Farmhouse Family, we hope everyone has a wonderful & safe week, holiday and black Friday weekend ahead. 💚
Farmhouse Fluff Team