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Group Update: November 5th 2021

Group Update: November 5th 2021

Group Update: Friday, November 5th, 2021.
❤️Please make sure to read update in full and drop a comment or GIF below to state that you have read and understood our most recent update available.
❤️Reminder: Please direct all order questions & concerns to our business page messages so we can personally help assist you. Business page message link is here: Farmhouse Fluff
💚 Good morning/afternoon Farmhouse family from our "warehouse"/inventory side of things. Sorry I have been so quiet lately, but its for good reason as I have been focusing on inventory, packing, messages, refunds, changes etc etc. 🤣 you get the idea. My husband and I have been working on round #8 and have just about pulled every single order, printed out packing slips, getting all orders organized and on our packing tables, and triple checking each and every order to make sure that there are no missing items/mistakes before we start bulk printing all labels. Labels will be starting to print out & then once all are packed we will be making sure everything gets bulked shipped out so everyone receives their tracking/preorders around the same time so we can keep an eye on everything and make sure round 8 arrives safely and correctly to all our customers. We may not be the fastest, but we want to make sure we are precise this go around and going forward to avoid any mistakes/missing packages.
❤️ Inventory on November & Round #9 has already begun as well. We reorganized the warehouse and lined all our shelving units into rows so we can walk down them and complete inventory and pull products with ease. It has definitely made a difference thus far having everything extremely organized/labeled/ and sorted. We still have more work to do but we will get there for sure. As soon as we complete round 8, November & Round #9 will already be ready to pull and pack. Once those are underway, Inventory on 10 will already be starting so once complete we can jump right into 10 and finalize the year off.
💚 We understand 10000% how delayed preorders have gotten this year, and it was not done on purpose in anyway. It just happened due to all sorts of obstacles/mistakes, I have not once provided any "excuses" and I'm sorry if anyone sees it that way but its only the truth. I have apologized so many times this year, and have explained in detail until I was red in the face but I want to make it known and clear once again with all honestly that it was not intentional. Even though its taken a long time to catch up, we will be caught up by the end of this year and will finally be back on track next year after the holidays.
I am not treating my customers badly in anyway, refunds have always been an option for anyone who simply messaged and asked. I would never force any customer to keep an order they no longer want or need. This year has been the roughest year for Farmhouse Fluff, but no matter what obstacle I have faced I have still pushed through for my customers to get through it all and continue to get their orders to them no matter how late if they still wanted them. I have learned so much this year through all the good and the terrible, and know how to make the changes for the better next year.
I appreciate everyone who continues to support me, to push me and give me words of encouragement to keep going and not give up. I don't plan to, no matter what. Farmhouse Fluff will continue and do better in the future and get passed 2021 failures. And for those who have said the harshest of words to me or will no longer support me, I understand that extreme frustration is behind it, and I will never hold it against anyone who did nor will I hold it against anyone who requests refunds because they are tired of waiting, no longer want their order, or their child potty trains. I wish the best to those who moved on from Farmhouse fluff and those who stick around. I appreciate everyone regardless. ❤️
💚 We are almost caught up on messages that were placed on our doc for either refunds, replacements, order checks, etc. If you have messaged, you are on our doc and we will get back to you and finalize your inquiry, we appreciate your continued patience with us during this busy time.
❤️ If you have received tracking recently and it has not updated just yet, it may just be in our outgoing tubs. I have three tubs currently that we are working through for pick ups and drop offs before we start filling them up with Round #8. If you want to double check to make sure yours is in outgoing and not lost you are more than welcome to message and we will double check for you.
💚 As always, if you have any questions regarding any of your orders, concerns, etc etc. Please message our business page --> Farmhouse Fluff and we will be happy to assist you anytime.