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Group Updates: Wednesday February 2nd, 2022.

Group Updates: Wednesday February 2nd, 2022.

Good Evening Farmhouse Family 🖤
🖤~ Round #10 preorder is complete. All packages have arrived to customers or are in final transit at this time. If for some reason you did not receive tracking please message our business page Farmhouse Fluff at this time and we will forward it to you.
🖤~ Half of round #10 extras are now available for purchase on our website. (12) prints total in AWJ & Microsuede.
🖤~ Mk November (final pending preorder) is still finishing up at this time (larger order than round #10 so will take just a bit longer to complete). Once completed we will make our final post regarding tracking/shipments.
🖤~ At this time we only have (1) active pending preorder left. Once this preorder is complete we are done with preorders. It's been a long road catching up but we are at the finish line. We appreciate everyone who has stuck with us through it all and all the new faces supporting us into the future!
🖤~ Our goal going forward if sales continue to be steady is to no longer run preorders-- but only to have ready to ship rounds (6 diapers max per round) to avoid any delays like we have experienced in the past. This will keep things easier on me, and also better for our customers and the business overall. Hopefully we can run ready to ship rounds throughout this 2022 year, around every 2 months. Round #12 (ready to ship) hopefully will be in the works mid this month for an arrival time of end of March-ish.
🖤~ We have a shipment of Inserts arriving too us this month by boat, so if you have been waiting they are almost here! (mid month). We will have pure bamboo, hemp cotton and also pure charcoal bamboo available at that time- ready to ship.
🖤~Reminder we have an album in the group that all members can add to with diaper print ideas. Please check it out and add prints from etsy, shutterstock, etc that you hope we run in future ready to ship rounds! If you see any others in the album you like, please give them a "like" or heart! Also, let us know if you want any specific snack bags prints as well on this post! Clearance section on the website still has lots of goodies too!
If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of your orders or in general please message our business page so we can help further assist you ---> Farmhouse Fluff 🖤