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Important group update: June 2nd, 2022

Important group update: June 2nd, 2022

Good morning Farmhouse Family. I hope everyone is having a great Thursday so far.
This post is going to be a more serious group update regarding my health and what is to the come with FHF.
I would appreciate everyone reading it and comment/leave a GIF below stating that you have
read it and understood it and also so that it gets traction and more group members see it.
A week ago today I randomly got dizzy in my bedroom and ended up passing out and hitting my head on
my husbands dresser. I came to shortly after and was on the floor, I didn't realize what happened right away until I
started feeling the pain from my head. I called my oldest into my room as my husband was at the hospital with his mom
who had just suffered a heart attack. My oldest called my husband and he made the hour long trip back home to make sure I was ok.
We ended up going to the Emergency room to get me checked out the next day and I did infact have a concussion, over the passed week
I have been suffering with severe pressure headaches, dizziness, nausea, sensitivity to light, and some confusion/excessive tiredness.
The dr has said this was normal up until yesterday when the pressure from the headaches became more unbareable. I ended up going back
to the ER yesterday and he said it was more concerning. He ended up doing more scans on my head and I do have brusing on my brain, I am being
sent to be seen by a Neurologist for further evalutation. The dr has ordered me on full rest at this time until my evaluation/treatment/recovery is complete,
especially with my dizziness to prevent a second fall as it could be more severe or worse. I have been diagnosed with a brain injury and I hope everyone
can be understanding and accepting of what I am about to say.
After taking some time to think, and speak with my husband and the Farmhouse team we have decided that what is best for the business right
now and for the sake of my health is that I have to take the required time off to heal and cancel/refund all remaining pending orders as this process may take
weeks, a month or so to fully recover from if it doesn't become anymore serious. I do not want to prolong anymore wait for my customers. Of course, we understand that this
isn't ideal for our customers who have been waiting and it may cause a lot of upset customers and negative feedback but with everything with my fall and my other
continuing health issues both physical and mental it is something that has to be done.
I cannot continue like I have been pushing through. It is not fair to the business, the customers, my team, or
myself to not be giving everyone 100%, not even 50% or less like how it has been. I can no longer pour from an empty cup and put myself more at risk.
A business can always be rebuilt, re-opened, etc.. but if something more severe happens to me or worse.. my family/friends, my kids, my husband cannot get me back and
I will not put my health at anymore risk for the sake of the business or to avoid negativity at this time. I have to put myself first for once and I hope that my customers
will put theirselves in my shoes and understand where I am coming from and accept what currently is and won't go and cause more drama, or spread more lies about me
and will just accept the refund and wish me the best during my recovery at this time.
The business is not going under nor it is closing down and I am not ghosting my customers. What is going to happen at this moment in time is that we are creating a doc for all pending
orders that will be canceled and refunded from oldest to newest. We will be reaching out by email to all those affected by this so if you have a pending order with us please keep an eye on
your inbox/spam folder for our email requesting to verify your information for your refund so we can get it submitted back to you as quickly as possible.
Once we are done contacting everyone we will make a final post to see if anyone hasn't received their email/refund or try to tag you if we haven't received a response and to contact us through
our business page inbox at that time. We ask everyone to please refrain from flooding our business page inbox or trying to request your refund to be bumped ahead of others, or messaging in
with unkind words. We want this process to be as painless as possible for our customers and for our team- and less stress on me as well. We would appreciate this so much so we can get through this as
quickly as possible for everyone. Once this process is complete the website will be password protected and locked during my recovery over the next couple weeks/month. The group will still be active,
the team minus me will still be active for the most part. Although I will be checking in and updating the group from time to time on my recovery and updates regarding the business so please
keep an eye out for these updates. If you would like to be tagged on updates please let us know below on this post so we can add you to our tag list for recovery/business updates.
The website will remain open during this time until we announce that it will be locked. This gives our customers access to their accounts on our website just in case they need to look at any order information.
During this time the website is also marked down to 40% off all stock until the website is locked-if any orders come in this is simply to help cover website fees to keep the website active while it is locked
and to help with covering any refunds. All purchases made during this time will be packed by my husband once the website is locked and during his limited down time. Before anyone states that he should be
packing orders and not submitting refunds, my husband has limited time during his off hours from work and he is also preparing to deploy so please keep those comments to yourself as he is taking what limited
time he has to pack these orders to cover fees as he does not have the extra time to pack the amount that needs to be refunded.
Hopefully after a few weeks of down time, I will be starting to feel better and can start jumping back into the business side of things for a reopening. With the help of my husband and his sister
we plan to reorganize the warehouse completely from top to bottom, with no pending orders this will make it easy to get all inventory counts uploaded or deleted off the website and new product up as well.
We have two new incoming custom orders arriving this month which I believe consists of a total of 24 new prints. These will be uploaded as ready to ship on the website for the reopening along with MK Nov.
will also be uploaded to the site at a discounted price of $3-$4 to get that inventory out the door, this also means if those who ordered these previously at full price will have the option to buy them again
at a much cheaper price if you so choose.
The Farmhouse Fluff team is looking at this from a fresh start point of view and I hope our customers can view it as the same. If anyone chooses to not support us during this time or in the future that
is completely your choice. For those oldies who have been around with us a long time and newbies who just started to purchase from us and will continue to support us we appreciate you all more
than you know. I will be back, please do not worry.. I just need some time to heal and get myself back to 100% so i can give the business and my customers the attention you all deserve and it will be less
worry on me overall. I have come to understand that realizing that you are not ok is ok... it is ok to not be ok sometimes and put yourself first. Physical and mental health is absolutely no joke and can become
really serious and I am a perfect example of pretty much working yourself into the ground. It should of never gotten to this point but I pushed myself mentally and physically too hard and this is the end result.
Again, I ask for kindness during this time, I will not be responding to any negativity for my mental health and physical healths sake. I hope everyone can put themselves in my shoes and
understand doing this is exactly or what I hope what anyone would do in this situation. If anyone has any further questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to Brandi, Samantha, Or Amanda and they
will be happy to help, I will be working on the doc with the refunds so there is no further delay. Please remember to keep an eye out for our email in your inbox/spam folder and if you do not receive an email
we will be tagging you in our final post before he website is locked.
We appreciate each and everyone of you, I appreciate each and everyone of you and I will be back and Farmhouse will be better than it ever has ❤
Thank you
~Bernadette & Family + the Farmhouse Fluff team.