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October 22nd Update + Halloween Sale!

October 22nd Update + Halloween Sale!

Quick update-October 22nd, 2021
Drop a gif or comment below stating you have read and understood our most recent update.
Have a question/concern about an order, please message
our inbox. We are happy to help! --> Farmhouse Fluff
🎃🦇 🎃🦇🎃🦇🎃🦇🎃🦇🎃🦇🎃🦇 🎃🦇🎃🦇
🎃 While I continue to work on Round #8 + catching up on other things such as pending orders/replacements/refunds, etc. We need to run another sale to move inventory that is sitting. While round #8 is worked on we would like to start prepping round #9 as well to get on shelves and inventory done as quickly as possible so start right after round #8 so we need to make more room.
Our Halloween sale will run until Halloween!
Starting today through Halloween get 25% off your entire order to move out old inventory to make room for the new!
No coupon code needed, discount is automatic.
{Reminder: In stock orders do not effect the packing of preorders, we ship from two different locations, and have extra help at both locations for in stock so that is handled separately}
🎃 Mk Nov will be packed and shipped by my sister at her location after round #8 is complete and I work on round #9 at the same time. And then we will finalized the preorders for this year with round #10.
🎃 As always if you have any questions or concerns and would like to speak to the team specifically to voice them please message our business page inbox ---> Farmhouse Fluff... we are happy to discuss anything with our customers and try to resolve any issues/concerns. Also, if you do not want to wait for a late preorder our inbox is always open for refunds as well--just message us with your order details, there are no cancellation fees on late preorders, your order will just be turned over to in stock,
Thank you very much, and we hope everyone has a wonderful weekend ahead----Also, remember Friday night game night is tonight so tune in to win! 🖤
Farmhouse Fluff Team
Admin Team