Thursday, September 1st 2022 Update.

Thursday, September 1st 2022 Update.

Good morning/afternoon Farmhouse Family. 

I know things have been quiet around here as I have been busy trying to get things done. The passed two weeks have been rough and I haven’t been working because all four of my kids and I got Covid-19 (Third time for me) and we have been recovering. As of this morning, Thursday September 1st I finally tested negative and will be returning back to work. 

I will be continuing where I left off with packing all pending orders and submitting any pending cancellations/refunds. Refunds from November preorder are still underway—stating that we have still not heard back from a lot of people that we emailed to get their refund information. If you haven’t heard from us yet regarding your November Preorder refund we ask our customers to please reach out via our email: OR shoot us a message to our Facebook business page with your order information so we can verify your refund information in our system. 

We want to make sure everyone gets their refunds. If you have reached out regarding an in stock order refund, rest assured we are working on those as well. We appreciate everyones patience as we finish up as fast as we can and do our absolute best.

We still have tons of old stock we need to get rid of, the website might seem bare but if y’all could see the warehouse we still have so much product we need to move. We are bumping up the old stock clear out sale to 65% your entire order so we can hopefully clear out more product. Discount is automatic at checkout and all products are super cheap so please help spread the word!

The snack bag section of what is still in stock has been updated, throughout today, tomorrow and the weekend we will be updating the in stock diapers inventory. So please check back as some previously sold out diapers will be back in stock due to cancellations. Any help moving this stock is appreciated. Very soon, once we hit a certain point where nothing is moving anymore— anything left will be donated and will never be available again so please make sure you snag whatever you can while it is still available as is helps out us very much. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything please message our Facebook business page for fastest response and one of our team members will grab it for you.

Thank you all!


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