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January 16th, 2021.

January 16th, 2021.

Good morning Farmhouse Family, its Saturday!! 😍
We hope everyone is having a great weekend so far.
Wanted to give an update regarding everything that is currently happening and is to come. Please make sure to read this update in full and drop a comment or GIF below stating that you have read and understood the most recent updates.
❄️We are finally arriving at the end of the road (list) for pending orders/corrections/replacements/refunds-general and SOC, etc for our customers who have still been waiting. All of this will be finished up by the end of this weekend, and I will make my final announcement on Monday morning to request if you did not receive a tracking or your requested refund to please message at that time. Please give me until Monday morning to complete the last batch before messaging though. ❤ I appreciate everyone's feedback regarding this matter, and I am very thankful that customers provided feedback either bad/good and allowed me the extra time to get all caught up on past orders that needed to be corrected/fulfilled that were missed along the way. We want to make sure that this doesn't happen again going forward. We don't want our customers waiting months and months for corrections to happen because there is too much going on at once for me. This was 100% my fault, and I cant apologize enough to everyone for taking on too much at once at times and it fell back onto all of you. Closing down the website for several weeks to get all my ducks in a row has been the best decision for the business.
To avoid this going forward all orders for each specific preorder will be closed out completely before moving forward onto the next and everything will be triple checked by at least 2 team members so nothing slips through the cracks. If a customer contacts us regarding an order they did not receive, it automatically becomes priority above all else for any past orders but by making sure that all orders are closed out, and triple checked we hope to avoid this going forward all together. ❤
❄️Shipping changes: Due to the large amount of orders going out 2-3 times a week, things will be handled differently going forward. Just so customers are aware I cannot go up to the counter and have them scan them one package at a time, the post office I go to requests that my bulk drop offs be dropped off at the back of their post office at the loading dock in their large carts and then handed over to the employee on duty. I spoke with the employee at my last drop off on Saturday and she requested to avoid any packages slipping through the cracks when it comes to the scanning process (because I have so many) that I provide them a complete inventory sheet with the list of all the tracking numbers so they can just scan the barcode and it will automatically input all tracking numbers into their system at the same time. This will be done going forward, hopefully by doing this, it will avoid missing package scans.
❄️ July MK Preorder: I am 95% done, I am finishing up the last orders this weekend and will be done by Sunday night. Everyone should have tracking by then and I will make my final announcement on my Monday morning post. All orders will be triple checked before the announcement is posted. Once I make that final post, if you happened to not receive a tracking number please message us at that time.
❄️In stock orders/insert preorders: We still have pending in stock orders that mixed their orders with insert preorders and insert preorders by themselves. My next batch should be arriving to me this week so all further pending inserts orders or mixed in stock orders with inserts will start shipping out as soon as that next batch arrives. All insert orders up until October 15th are being finalized this weekend, if you ordered after October 15th up until present day your orders will be included in this next batch.
❄️August MK/Round 6: Inventory will begin on these rounds by the end of this upcoming week. I am praying that the other half of round 6 shows up by the end of the week. I understand that August MK has Valentines prints so those will be priority alongside round 6. Although, Round 6 is priority over August but I will do my best to get all valentine's day prints out to customers in time for the holiday. Regardless if the other half of round 6 shows up or not by the time I finish the first half's inventory I will start packing those diapers out for customers ASAP. If your order has a mix of both, you will just end up receiving your order in two separate shipments. I just want to make sure our customers receive their diapers as soon as possible to avoid further delays. ❤
❄️MK Sept, Oct, Nov: September I am aiming for mid-late February (Original ETA was January/February), October's original ETA was February/March so packing will start in March, and November's original ETA was March/April so we will aim for April. I understand that these will be shipping out at the end of their ETA's but I should be all caught up by then for them to still arrive within those original time frames. Cancellation fee's of the 20% still applies to all of these orders if I am still in my packing ETA time frame. November was my last order with Mama Koala and at this time we do not plan to return as a retailer for MK, if that changes in the future we will let our group know but we would like to focus on expanding our own brand going forward.
❄️ Round 7 customs: Order has been submitted to our manufacturer and we will be receiving our new fabric samples with scaling corrections here very soon. We are still estimating the original March ETA for this order.
❄️I have new samples arriving to me very soon (hopefully by the end of this week)- new diaper styles + new accessories. Once I receive these new products I will go LIVE in the group to show them and gather interest.
❄️Last but not least: The website will be reopening THIS EVENING. Yes... you read that right! Inventory of in stock is finishing up and we will re-open. We have completely restocked the website with FHF customs, MK, wet bags, teethers, and straws. Any in stock that is purchased this weekend will be packed and shipped out this upcoming week to make room on my shelves for inventory on MK August and Round 6. No set time, we will just make an announcement when the website has launched for opening.
❄️As always, if this post does not answer your question please message our business page on Facebook.
Thank you!
-Farmhouse Fluff team-