MK November Preorder

MK November Preorder

Mama Koala November Preorder: 

We have received tracking but it is still pending arrival to the United States. As soon as the tracking number updates we will make an announcement here and also in our Facebook group. Thank you so much for your understanding and patience regarding this continued delay due to the virus. 

-Farmhouse Fluff Team-

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MK April preorder has arrived!

MK April preorder has arrived!

November Preorder is here!


NOrma DUran

How can I purchase a Loteria diaper?

Sydney Bolin

If somehow an order was messed up or you have extras I would love that spirited away diaper. I just started cloth diapering so I missed it :(


I neeeeed a Loteria diaper! Is it way too late?


Loteria?! How did I miss that?? I must have it!!!


Hi! Also interested in the Lotería diaper. Is it possible to still purchase???

Hazel Palmer

Can I still order these??? I really want the loteria ones!!!


Please please update on loteria!!

Gabriela Munguia

I’m interested in the loteria diaper, will it still be available??


Will these still be available to purchase?

Brandy King

I need the alien PLEASE!!

Brenda Aguero Carranza

I woke love a loteria one also please!

Sonya Boyle

I’m interested in the loteria diaper please.

Ana Ramos

I would like to know how can i pre order the Mexican loteria diaper ?


Is the alien one still available?

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