Care Instructions

Care Instructions 


.Mama Koala Cloth Diapers.

Wash Before First Use

Wash all diapers and inserts hot (140F/60C max) at least once before use, using a cloth diaper safe detergent. Wash new bamboo products hot with detergent 3-4 times to bring them to maximum absorbency. No drying is needed between washes.

Dirty Storage: Store in a dry pail.
Wash: Shake off poop into the toilet. Cold pre-wash, no detergent. Wash hot (140F/60C max) with detergent. Extra rinse. No laundry additives.
Line dry or tumble dry low.
No bleach.
No fabric softener.
.Farmhouse Fluff Custom diapers.

Wash before first use
A lot of factors contribute to how each customer washes their
diapers, something may work for one while it doesn't work for another + hard or soft water also comes into play.
There are a lot of good websites out there available to help find out what works for you.
This is how I personally wash my diapers (mama koala and customs)
Quick wash: Cold, no detergent. 
Main wash: Heavy, hot. Cloth diaper safe detergent with oxyclean stain/odor remover and Borax. 
Extra rinse. 
I personally hang dry all my diapers as well outside on a line, but you can tumble dry on low.
.Farmhouse Fluff Custom Inserts.

Bamboo: Wash at least 4 times, no need to dry in between cycles. 
The more you wash, the more absorbent the insert becomes. Our custom bamboo
inserts are very trim and 100% 4 layers of bamboo. I toss mine in the dryer or line dry.
Hemp/cotton: Wash at least 4 times, no need to try in between cycles.
The more you wash, the more absorbent the inserts become.
I line dry my hemp inserts, or lay flat to dry. The natural fiber inserts tend
to become wavy after washing so I lay them flat. 
Microfiber: I recommend washing at least once, twice if you like.
They do not need to be washed multiple times to become more absorbent.
Microfiber absorbs the quickest. 
.Reusable straws.
Wash in warm water with a little big of dish soap, each set comes with its own cleaning tool.
.Reusable Snack Bags.

You can hand wash them in warm water and a little bit of soap, hang to dry.
You can also toss them in the washer, and dry them in the dryer.

Care Instructions
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